Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Lost!

So we made our annual trip out to the Lacombe Corn Maze on Friday.  We were there for a birthday party and as always the kids had a fantastic time.  Each year they add more things to it and it keeps getting better, the only problem is that we never seem to have enough time to do it all.IMG_4464

Look at Adam’s pink cheeks, it was a hot day and they played hard!IMG_4465

There was a Corn shooter, 2 shots for $1 or a Pumpkin Blaster 1 shot for $1.  Adam tried the corn shooter and hit the bus 1 out of 2 shots and Isla, she tried the Pumpkin Blaster.  Look at her delighted smile, she makes me laugh, who would have thought that a beautiful little girl like this would shoot that big cannon behind her?

   IMG_4470 IMG_4471 

Look at how they have grown!



As always it gets cold in the evening but I forgot to bring sweatshirts, Isla is wearing her dad’s golf jacket that was left in the van.  It just seemed so hot in the afternoon that it would still be nice by the time we went home.  Boy was I wrong! 

IMG_4473 IMG_4474

Aren’t these two handsome?

Thought you would all enjoy this little video.  There was only the kids and I on there so I felt like I could go and jump without hurting any one, Ed even came and jumped!  Try not to laugh too hard, I couldn’t stop laughing when I was jumping, you really get some good height, and it was a bit scary.


We had some company when we were out at Gull Lake, our friends came out to spend the day.  The kids started out with some Bocce Ball and then we were off to the beach.


I love this picture of the boys.  They caught fish and snails and were in their glory!


Who knows why he felt the need to put the tube around his waist but he was having fun.

IMG_4459 IMG_4456

And the beach babe.


I still didn’t get in the water, this time I did put my suit on though.  Somehow my friend and I just sat and visited the entire time.  That was nice.  We have finally gotten to the point that we can have a conversation from beginning to end, the toddler days are done, those days when you get back from a visit and you haven’t finished one thought.  You have questions that went unanswered and thoughts not expressed and the punch line not reached.  Whew, it feels good!


I love this picture, not only does he look handsome you get to see a little bit of his remaining front tooth.  The adult tooth keeps pushing it out, straight out, it isn’t even that wiggly it just keeps poking more and more out of his lip, we have been calling it his Nanny McPhee tooth.  I wonder if it will still be there for school pictures at the end of Sept?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Beach

The weather did improve so we spent some time at the beach, we had to wait until late in the day until it warmed up but it was still not warm enough for me to get in the water.  The water only goes up to their waists even all the way out to the ropes.  A good place to go with little kids!

IMG_4432IMG_4433IMG_4434 We built a sandcastle that was really cool!




IMG_4430This is the finished version but watch the video.  We had a lot of fun doing this.   



Then we got to squash it!  We all had a turn stepping in to the squishy sand and getting our feet buried.

  IMG_4435 IMG_4436

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Camping Food

There is something about camping food, being outside just makes you hungrier!  One night we had great big steaks, a rare treat ( ha ha funny pun!) we just don’t eat beef very much, I know being from Alberta we should!  Ed even got to chew on a bone.


He got a little messy!


Isla would not kiss him, I don’t blame the girl, you have to draw the line somewhere.


Of course we had smores more than one night.  Look at that boy!  He is a sticky mess.


The kids are getting really good at cooking their own.  But we needed a hose after this to get rid of all the stickies.

So much fun, I love camping.

Gull Lake Pedicure

What a great holiday, Gull Lake is only 30 minutes away but it was far enough for us!  We borrowed my mom and dad’s fifth wheel and away we went, it was cool for our first couple of nights and it was great to have the furnace again.  Grandma came out on Sunday afternoon for a visit and a pedicure.  She brought some stuff to soak our feet in, I asked her how much to use, she said she didn’t know so I put in a couple of good glugs, too much!  It smelled a lot like pine-sol and was stinky!


But it sure made our feet feel good!  Can you tell by the amount of clothes we have on how cold it was!

Camp and Skating

We have been busy, I will try and catch up on what we have been up to.  The kids were in camp at the Collicutt Centre and there was never a dull moment for them!  They swam every day, rock climbing, gymnastics went to a couple of parks, crafted and just played hard.  The theme of the week was Monster Mash so the last day the dressed up and went trick or treating.  We forgot until we were going out the door!  We had talked about it earlier in the week so we knew what we were going to wear, it was just a question if any of it would fit!  I breathed a big sigh of relief that it all worked out as well as it did!  They were supposed to wear their scariest costume, get a load of these two!


IMG_4423 IMG_4422

This same week Adam did Power Skating, it is the first time he has been on skates since last March.  I thought that it would a struggle for him since he was already so busy all day but he did awesome!  It was great week with lots of improvement for him.  I was really proud of him.  He will do a hockey school September as well to get him all ready for the coming season.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How do you say good bye to a little boy who has grown in to a young man.  I knew Logan when he was a little boy, I only every really knew him as Loggy.  I worked with his mom and we became friends, I spent time with the family and babysat the boys and helped them out through a difficult time.  They were a big part of my life through my early twenties, and somehow as friendships do we drifted apart. 

Today at the funeral looking at all of his pictures I was struck by how much life he had lived.  Do you remember what it was like to be 17?  I do, how tragic that his end came so soon.  His first love spoke, how terribly sad, their feelings so real, so pure, so right.

I can only think about what this means to his mom in little bits,  it is just to painful to really think about it too much.  As a mother I can not even get close to knowing the depth of what she must be going through. 

How will his family ever continue on?  I hope that they will pray, I hope that they will know that God will get them through, I hope that they will take some comfort in Gods words.  I hope that they will lean on each other, I hope that they will continue to celebrate his life.  I hope that I will run in to Tammy one day in the future so that I can tell her all of the things that I remember about Loggy, so that she knows that he is not gone and that he truly does dwell in all of our hearts because we remember him.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zoo adventures

Picture 327

Look at how much they have grown!


We had a great day!

IMG_4405 IMG_4404

They had a great time on the playground!


The “Dinosaurs Alive” exhibit was cool and the kids were really impressed.  It was really cool to see the life sized animals.  This T-Rex was huge I couldn’t get it all in the shot and the kids.  The only thing was that when they roared they all sounded the same.  The meat eaters and herbivores?  Ed thought that the herbivores should have mooed!?!?






She had a great time!  Can you tell?



This carousel was cool.  It was all animals from the zoo.  Adam is riding the Velociraptor.


Isla was on the tiger cub.  It was a cooler day only about 19 degrees so lots of the animals were active so that was great!  But lots of people!  Whew, it is hard to get around and see things with that many people.

IMG_4402 IMG_4403 

Another highlight of course was the ice cream!

Yummy Dough

A little product review today.  I found this out at Costco, a three pack for almost $17 and I decided it would be fun to give it a try.  It looked like it was right up Isla’s alley!  What fun to make a creation and then be able to eat it!


It made up exactly the way it should.

 IMG_4378 IMG_4379 IMG_4380

We had a great time making all of our creations.  It handled like playdough and the colours mixed up really well.  It smelled great and we were anxious to taste it.


Unfortunately none of us were big fans.  They looked and smelled good but they were not a big hit.  Oh well, any one want to try our other two boxes?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sprinkler fun

It seems that there has been very few days that my kids have not been wet!




There has been a lot of togetherness and for the most part they have a great time together.  But……………


……………………….. sometimes there is a bit of this that goes on.



The kids created these “Bubbletopias”. 


Always something fun going on!

Discovery Canyon

This was a great day!  We went for the afternoon down to Discover Canyon and it was fun place for the kids.  I went with a friend of mine and her kids.  I have been avoiding taking the kids there myself as I am a bit neurotic, I was afraid that something might happen to them.  They go down this man made creek on tubes and it seemed a bit scary to me. But they did fantastic, Isla was great and Adam was on cloud nine.


Here are Isla and Ryan.


Adam and Hudson.  Hudson felt like me, it was a bit too much for him and he was quite content to play in the sand and muck. 


Isla was a bit frustrated when she would get stuck in one of the eddies but once she got the hang of it she loved it too.


And this one was in his element, he had a great time, can you tell by this face?


I love this picture, I just happened to get Adam in the background.  Cool!

Here is a video of the fun!