Sunday, December 11, 2011

Coolest Wedding

So we were very lucky to get invited with the kids to a wonderful wedding experience.  The Groom is Sikh and the Bride is Chinese, the wedding was a mix of these two cultures and mixed the traditions of them both.  It started on Friday night with the Mendhi and something else I can’t remember the name of.  This was the women’s party and they sang and danced and the did the henna tattooing.  Isla was thrilled to get in on that!


We got to stay at the Delta Bessborough, a beautiful hotel.  There was too much going on before we left and I didn’t pack Adam’s suitcase very well, poor guy!  No pajamas, and I left behind one of his pairs of dress pants, dress shirt and tie.  He had to wear some do overs but he still looked very handsome!



Bright and early the next morning (7:30am) we were down in front of the hotel waiting for the groom.  He arrived with a drummer and his entourage of women.  They all had on the most incredible sari’s!


He mounted a horse and rode it up to the doors of the church.  So cool, Adam thought it was awesome that he got to carry a sword, and Isla loved the horse.

The big moment.  Niran was very nervous, well we all were as it would have been a bit awkward if the groom fell off the horse!


Doesn’t he look awesome!


With his mom and dad, they came in to the hotel where the bride’s family waited to greet him and there was a ceremony as we went in for breakfast.


It was a beautiful breakfast!




Then it was time for the first ceremony.  This was a traditional Sikh ceremony.  We all wore head coverings.


Some rocked the look better than others!


We all sat on the floor and the ceremony all took place around a four cornered structure that the bride and groom walked around.  When they had gone around 4 times they were married.  It was beautiful!  She was beautiful!

This is Niran arriving.


In only got this small picture of Audrey.  It really doesn’t give this outfit justice.  She was stunning!


Next was the civil ceremony.  The bride with her mom and dad.  Another beautiful outfit!


Niran awaiting his bride.


And the final outfits of the night.  This was at the reception. 


The food, the dancing, the visiting.  It was so much fun!