Monday, April 25, 2011

Sick Husband


Here is my handsome husband at the airport waiting to get on the plane to Mexico.  The trip that just about didn’t happen.  Ed got a nasty case of bronchitis that had him on antibiotics, two kinds that should have fixed him up.  But on Tuesday just three days before we are supposed to leave he is feeling really rotten again, coughing a lot and he doesn’t have any more antibiotics to take.

He went to the doctor to see what was going on and he gave him a new stronger antibiotic, and inhaler and sent him for a chest xray.  What!  The doctor wanted to rule out pneumonia before we left for Mexico.  He got the xray on Tuesday evening and we waited………


and waited…………………………..


We had cancellation insurance on our trip so we would bet our money back but then when would we go?  My heart was breaking, of course I wasn’t going to risk anything going wrong when we were in Mexico, I did not want to end up in a Mexican hospital.  So we waited……………….


Ed called a couple of times on Wednesday and no the doctor still had not looked at the xrays…………………


Thursday morning we wake up to snow, a lot of snow and it is still snowing……………………… if we are going to go we now think we should go to Calgary to stay in a hotel so that we can be closer to the airport.  But we still do not know……………………………………..



Finally at 10:47am on Thursday we get the ok for Ed to fly.  Whew!


I was so happy and relieved. 


Mom and Dad came to look after the kids and we got on the road about 8pm.  In to the hotel at about 10:30pm where we slept till two and headed to the airport in the shuttle at 3am.  And then we were off!


I don’t think I have posted a picture of Adam for a while.


Thought I would show you some rock a doodle hair.


He is such an awesome little dude and he is getting excited about starting baseball soon!

Turning Forty!

This was how my dat started.  Presents in pajamas first thing in the morning!


Homemade cards that melted my heart!


I spent the day making food for the party and had a great time. 

And then my girlfriends came over and kicked me up to my room and started to decorate.


Unfortunately these are all the pictures from my camera that were taken that night.


They made this poster board up of me through the ages and it was wonderful to remember old times.  And to realize how far I have come.


Everyone hung out in the living room and ate food and laughed.  It was so much fun!

I drank mules all night.  Ginger beer, lime, ginger, simple sugar and gin.  So tasty!

Cat box!

Spring Break brought lots of time for crafting, Isla made a box for the cats.  She painted each side a different colour and found a pillow to put in it and then waited patiently for the cats to find it. 


It took a little while but Lizzy found it,


and then finally Leo.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two Wheeler

We made it back from Mexico and had a wonderful time but I just needed to post these pictures first.


Notice anything different?


No training wheels!  She was amazing today, first try and away she went and didn’t look back.  It was awesome!  I am really looking forward to some bike trips this summer, where will our bikes take us?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yep, I did, I turned forty!  Can you believe it?  Actually I am feeling pretty good about my new number.  I had a party on Friday night, not huge but it was great!  I made lots of food and we had lots of funny people that made it a fun night!

The only crappy part (quite literally)was that Ed was sick, he has been on antibiotics since Tuesday for bronchitis and they have had an adverse reaction on his digestive system.  They got switched out on Thursday and finally today I would say he is feeling almost human.  He was a good sport and tried to have a good time on Friday but really paid for it on Sat.  Poor guy.

The kids were spirited away by my parents which meant that I was living free and easy.  That was so nice!

So now we are starting to pack, Ed and I are on our way to Mexico without my kids for a whole week.  Feeling nervous about going but also, so excited!