Monday, February 21, 2011

The Vet


When we adopted the cats the SPCA suggested that we take them in to see the vet within a couple of weeks to make sure they were healthy.  The kids were excited to come with me and see what happens at the vet office.  Isla really wants to be a vet when she grows up so she thought it would be cool to see what it was all about.

So we got the carriers all ready and looked for the cats.  Adam brought me Leo and we tried to put him in to the carrier.  He did not want to go and had all of his claws out trying to push his way back out, you would get two feet in and then he would get a toe hold and push himself in.  Finally we got all limbs in and then we tried to close the door, poor guy he was not having any of it and pushed his head out and we would just about get it closed and out it would pop again.  And then, he was gone.IMG_4958

In the mean time Isla had brought me Lizzie and was waiting to get her loaded.  She was not happy to be in put in to her carrier either but it wasn’t as bad as Leo.  We got her stuffed in and the door closed, thank goodness.

Then we had to find Leo, the time was ticking away, and we searched the house.  He definitely does not come when he is called so we searched, and searched and searched.  We did find him finally and went through the stuffing of him in to his carrier again.  By this point I am completely stressed out, I hated having to put him in there and was just about in tears.  Finally we got him in and the door closed.  I picked up both carriers and we were heading out the door when the bottom of Leo’s carrier fell out and he was gone again.  Really……. seriously……………well I guess we will have to try it all again.  We found him again and had to shove, push, and stuff him back in to the carrier.IMG_4963

This time I carried each carrier separately and the cats complained the entire time.  What heart wrenching sounds they were making.

When we were checking in at the vet I noticed the Leo had blood on his nose, I thought that it could be mine as I was bleeding from a few spots on my hands but no.  He had taken a chunk out of his nose when we were wrestling him in to the cage.  I felt so bad!

When the vet came in that part was pretty easy.  They are both healthy and good cats, Lizzie is on the heavy side and needs to take off some weight.  The vet suggested some diet cat food and feeding twice a day. When Lizzie came in to the shelter she was malnourished and very skinny.  She was in the shelter from April until we adopted her in April and she managed to put on too much weight.  I am hoping that with the increase in area to run and more people to chase her around she will lose the weight more naturally, we will keep an eye on her.


Traumatized, all of us, the cats and me.  Poor Leo got himself so worked up he was sick to his stomach out of both ends when we got home and I was exhausted from our 1 hour ordeal (yes that is all the time it took).  Next time I will take Ed!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


We have nothing to do today!  Woo Hoo!  That hasn’t happened in a really long time.  Of course there is still music, reading to do.  Laundry and cooking and cleaning but nothing that has taken us out of the house.  What fun it is to not be in a rush today.

We did get out sledding for a while. 


See the sled.  It goes fast and as Adam told me “I got major air mom!”  Now I saw it and he did get some “air” but I wouldn’t call it major.  I guess it is all in your perception.


Adam’s sled is fun but heavy to pull back up the hill, Ed pulls it most times for the lucky little dude.  It was bumpy on the hill today and both of us were feeling the bumps, is that what happens when you get old?


This is from the top of the hill, and you can see Ed and Adam, those snow hills on the left are from scraping the skating rink.  The kids at school call it Trash Mountain and they all love to play on it.  Adam gets to go on trash mountain on Tuesdays with all of the other grade two kids and that is always a day to look forward to.


Look at the pink cheeks on this guy! 


We came in for hot chocolate and muffins, and Ed and I had a decaf coffee and Bailey’s, what a treat!


I can’t help myself, here are a couple of pictures of the cats.


They are so wonderful, we love them, I think that we got the best cats.  We are going to take them in for check ups at the vet on Monday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So guess what happened as we were filling out all of the paper work for the cats on Saturday. Our local paper was there doing a story on cat adoption day and we were interviewed. Check it out.

Red Deer Advocate - Adoption blitz finds new homes for 21 cats

I guess we are local celebrities (ha ha!).

Kids and Cats

We are all smitten!  (especially Ed but don’t tell him i told you)


Lizzie really likes to be in the middle of everything but is pretty calm.  Very curious and is always checking out new things.


They both are using Ed’s cat tower.  He is very proud and cheers whenever they get on it or scratch on it.


Leo loves to chase and Adam loves to get him to chase a string. 


Lizzie especially loves her perch up on the book case.  Look at that precious little black nose!


Leo loves to run around the house like a mad man.  Then he hides and sleeps.  I think that he looks very regal in this pose!