Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Party Time

When you turn 6 you deserve a big party!


Isla decided on a Tinkerbelle themed extravaganza so we brought out the cake pan.


And we decorated!


And had a great time!


Poor Tinkerbelle’s face is a bit orange.


Other than that, she turned pretty good I think.


I think that she is a bit excited.


And she seems thrilled……………..


And that is what I was going for.


We had the party at the gymnastics centre.  That was great, the kids played really hard and we tired when they came in.


We fed them some pizza.


Opened some presents.


Gave them cake.


And sent them home.



Isla got totally spoiled and felt really special, mission accomplished!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Adam took this video back in February and has really wanted me to post it.




Leo is quite the cat!  We actually think that he is a dog.  He runs after things when you throw them for him, he doesn’t bring them back but then lots of dogs don’t bring things back.


He also cleans the floor for me, meaning he eats anything that I drop.  He also has been caught taking things off the table when no one is watching, chicken bones and pieces of roast beef to be exact, we have to be very careful about leaving the kitchen empty.


He also turns himself around before he lays down just like a dog and then he flops.  We love him!

IMG_5013 And he loves Lizzie.


But……………………….. he drinks toilet water.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

School Musical

One of the events that we did not have the camera for was the school musical  so these pictures and video are from our Blackberries.


Not good quality but they give you the idea.  Poor Adam (he is is the one in the blue shirt and the shark on his head) had had a reaction to the antibiotics he was on and had come home from school that afternoon with an upset stomach.  Poor guy!  After he was home for a bit he was hungry and perked back up again.  When it came time for the show I gave him some gravol and away he went.  I am so glad that he felt well enough to go!



He was awesome!  Although I am not sure what any of the other kids were doing as I only had eyes for him.


They did the “Under the Sea” song from the Little Mermaid.  So cute.


See Isla in the back row in the orange shirt.  Orange is her favourite colour and she needed to be a colour of the rainbow so it was a perfect excuse to buy an orange shirt.


She took her role very seriously.


Sometimes the other kids were getting a little lost in where they were supposed to be so she would get them back in to their spots. 


She is so beautiful!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Missing Camera

So for a little while (a couple of weeks)  we couldn’t find the camera.  We went through some events without pictures because I had searched the house and could not find the camera. 

Then out of the blue Isla came running up from the basement with the camera.  Apparently she had been taking pictures and forgotten that she had the camera downstairs.  When I downloaded the pictures this is what I found.










I particularly love the one that is up Ed’s nose!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Retro Day


This is what we created for Retro Day for Adam.  I think we did pretty well with not much effort.


And my girl.  She has the perfect hair to part it down the middle and make her a 70’s flower child.  But I really had to fight with her cow lick!


These two really do like each other.  I had a wonderful complement from one of the teachers at school that asked me if they were always so kind to each other.  I said for the most part yes.  Don’t get me wrong they still fight and disagree but they share really well and think of each other all the time.  I am a very lucky and proud mom.

Monday, March 14, 2011



I can not believe that my baby is six.  I am having such a hard time with it, six just seems so big!

Picture 026

Where did this baby go?

I think she had a great birthday yesterday.  We started off at the hockey rink but it did get better from there!  We went for a hot chocolate and treat with her BFF Marin and her mom which was lots of fun.  I think that they felt grown up! 

The two of us grabbed some sushi from the grocery store went home and waited for the boys to get back.  Then it was off to watch Rango at the movie theatre which was pretty good.

For supper we went to East Side Marios.  She was so cute, we got a ribbon that said “Birthday Girl” on it and she wore it in the afternoon.  (She couldn’t find it before we left for hockey)  When we got in to the restaurant she had to open her coat and play with the ribbon so that some one would notice it.  When the hostess noticed it and said Happy Birthday she just beamed!  (Apparently, her dad thinks that she takes after me, I am not sure where he came up with that idea)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Highland Fling



Isla did her first Highland Fling all the way through last night.  It was really cool as this is the dance that you do the most as a dancer, we use it for warm up and we do it at each competition.  How many times in my life have I done a Highland Fling?  Lots of times.  And is it perfect?  Ahhhhh no!  Not by a long shot.  Last night at my dance class we worked on the Fling and still I have so many things to think about and perfect.  Now Isla has entered this world as well, learning something but knowing that you will never be done making it better. 

She has her second competition a couple of weeks ago, it was a bigger competition than the last one.  There were twelve that danced in her class.  In her two dances she made some mistakes but it was the way that she recovered from them that was so awesome.  She kept going and had a big smile on her face and was so beautiful up there! 

When it came time to hand out the awards we knew that it was a long shot that she would be awarded any prizes so neither of us was surprised that she didn’t get anything.  But she handled that so well, I was so proud of her!  She is such an amazing little girl.