Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween at school!


 IMG_4629 IMG_4630 Trying to get the curl just right!


Watch close, we will transform!






In the afternoon Isla and I got to party!


Eat treats!


Then we were off to the school assembly where we found Superman/Clark Kent still looking awesome!

What a fun wild day!  I had a great time!

Friday, October 29, 2010

What a week!

This house is vibrating from the excitement of Halloween!

This week has been such a busy one.  Monday I spent the morning at the school counting our spell a thon money.  Isla was a bit bored so this is what she did to keep her self occupied!


Adam has been the star of the week for his class at school and has had show and tell everyday this week.  His teacher told me that he is doing really well.  He told me he was nervous!  Today, I am going to take the keyboard over to the school so that he can play a couple of songs for his class.  He is nervous about one of his songs, he is going to play Turkey in the Straw.  There is one tricky bar in there that sometimes trips him up.  I hope it goes well.

On Tuesday’s Adam has music from 4-5 and then we were off to the Collicut for a hockey practice from 6-7.  Ed and Isla met us at the Collicut and brought supper for Adam and I and then Adam got to go and play Hockey.  I made soup that Ed brought over in our thermos’s and it was really good. 

Isla and I went on a field trip to the Firehall on Wed.  It was really cool to see what it was like inside and get a tour of the fire truck.  The funny part was that the kids were the most excited about riding in the school bus!


She was very excited!

Wednesday night Isla has dance both Tap and HIghland.  It was watching day at Tap this week and I can’t believe how much they have learned.  She is doing so well, and having a great time!

Wednesday Adam also had his first meeting in preparation for first reconciliation.  Now I am not the Catholic one in this family so it is a mystery to me what this is all about but him and his dad have been working on a workbook and went to the meeting together on Wed.  I guess I will learn as we go along!  I think maybe I should be doing the workbook.

Thursday was hot lunch at the school.  It was Panago pizza and the first time they had ever done a hot lunch.  They showed up with boxes of big pizzas not individually boxed.  What a nightmare!  But it got done!  Adam’s class was one of the last ones to get done and I popped in to see him.  He said “Mom it took a long time for our pizza to get here but it was worth the wait!"  It was more work and crazyness than usual but the kids all got fed and they were happy.  Really all that matters!

Today, school is all about Halloween!  I get to help out in the kindergarten class this afternoon for their party and Adam gets to dress up in the afternoon.  There is going to be an assembly to distribute all of the spellathon prizes this afternoon as well.  Whew, I am sure that there will be a lot of energy at school today.

Tomorrow Isla and I have dance pictures.  I am so excited, Isla will get to wear a kilt.  My mom hemmed one of my old kilts and it fits her perfectly, then Grandma made a “blouse” for her to wear under her vest.  I am so thrilled!  I will post pictures soon.  I get to have my picture taken as well so that should be fun!  While we are at dance pictures Adam and Ed will be playing hockey. 

I am trying to embrace the crazy that is our life these days but wow this was a wild one!  I think that we have survived and there was only one night that we had take out food.  By tomorrow night I think I will need a drink!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here he is!  Ok this was hilarious, poor guy couldn’t get up when he fell down, the ref on the ice had to pick him up and put him back on his skates twice during the warm up.  I was worried that it was going to be a really long game.

IMG00008-20101023-1651 IMG00007-20101023-1651

One of his fellow players is in the net with him in this photo.  He finally got the hang of getting up, whew!  I was worried!  He did really well actually, a couple he should have had but for the half hour of practice with the equipment on this afternoon he was awesome.  We don’t really want him to play goal as it costs a lot of money and I am not so sure that my heart could take it but he said he had a great time being goalie.  I hope he gets lots of goals when he plays out next week so that he never thinks of being a goalie again!


This afternoon while I was doing yard work and Ed took a trip to the dump this is what the girls were doing. 


And this was what the boys were doing.  Getting ready for his first game of the season, he gets to be goalie.  So Mark was taking shots at him to get him used to all of the equipment.

IMG_4624  IMG_4623

Friday, October 22, 2010

Car update

So the car got written off and we are on the hunt for a new vehicle.  Well not us, it is nice when you have a brother in law that has his own car dealership.  McEwan Motors here we come!

Ed is still in some pain so finally he is going to go and see the doctor on Monday. 

We have extra kids this weekend.  Mark and Kelsey are staying with us while their mom goes to Regina for a wedding.  Never a dull moment around here!

CIrque de Soleil

Ed and I scored, somehow Ed got on the list to get tickets to come to Calgary to Cirque de Soleil Kooza.  Now, we know we weren’t at the top of the invite list as the RSVP date on the email was before the email was sent.  But really we didn’t care we were just happy to be there.  Look at the tents!


So we arrived to find out that we were considered VIP’s and got free parking, then we got to go to a special tent that was the Tapis Rouge area.  Then things got really good, free drinks and food, and it was high end we got the royal treatment.  Who knew!  I felt like a real grown up there, but a little like I was playing grown up.


This is in the Tapis Rouge Lounge.


We got our pictures taken with the mannequin as part of the experience.  Don’t we look official with the our passes around our necks?!?


   Then we got to our seats, that were only four rows from the front.  Excellent seats!

We were close enough that Ed got called up on stage, I know, amazing right!  He was wearing a jacket and tie and they did a whole slight of hand show with him where they took everything out of his pockets without him knowing and then he even took off his tie with out Ed knowing.  It was a bit surreal for me sitting in the audience while my husband was up there on stage.  I couldn’t stop smiling afterwards, my husband was up on stage, so cool.  What a great night, I had the best time with my best friend!  He was up on stage you know.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Car accident

So as if our weekend wasn’t exciting enough, Ed was in a car accident on Friday.  Not his fault, this time, last time he rear ended a big truck and the trailer hitch punched a hole right in to the front bumper.  No injuries as he was not traveling very fast just thought that the light changed and he rolled forward and bumped the guy in front.  To add insult to injury he also got a ticket for not leaving enough room between him and the other guy.  Hard lesson.

Friday though, there was nothing that he could do.  A guy not paying attention rear ended him in traffic, hard.  He drove the car home but not sure he should have.  We will take it in tomorrow to get it looked at and to get a rental vehicle.  He has been sore ever since and I am really hoping that he has done no permanent damage.  Poor guy still had to help with the windows etc.  He hasn’t been sleeping very well so I hope that this gets better soon!

Home Renovations III

After the front windows they started on the old patio door.  We spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do at the back.  This patio door opens from our kitchen eating area in to the back yard.  It was so old that the latch did not work anymore and we had to use a stick to “lock it”.  Not particularly safe, we did not always remember to lock the back door and too many times we came home to it with out the stick.

We talked about garden doors but I felt that we would be losing a lot of light and there would be a big decrease in the amount we could see out to the back yard.  Also the opening would only give us 2 1/2 foot doors which are a bit small especially when you are taking garbage and recycling out.  And then we talked about putting new patio doors in but that didn’t seem to make sense either as they are not particularly energy efficient.  So what we decided to do was a door and a window.  The window will open and the door has a good lock on it than makes it very energy efficient.  I love it!

Here is the job in progress.


Can you see the old doors leaning against the garage in the back yard.


Building the door and window frames.


In goes the door.


Then the window.


And here it is all finished.  Beautiful!

Home Renovations II

So this weekend Ed’s mom and dad were here to help (read do) some window and door replacements.  We have an old house and the front bow windows really needed to be replaced and we were not sure what we were going to find when we opened up the walls.  We had the siding replaced a couple of years ago and they warned us that they could see some rot, but we did not know how much.  We were all worried about how extensive it would be and how much rebuilding of walls there would be.  This is what we found:

IMG_4576 IMG_4574

I know it looks bad but it is better than it could have been.  So a few new 2”by4”’s and some plywood and we were off to the races.  That was such a relief for all of us.


Here is the inside with the casings off the window getting ready.


Window number two.


Window number four .IMG_4591

WIndows all in and now on to the siding.


I now have windows on either end that open.  I very excited about having more airflow!


And they are finished!

Isn’t it beautiful!?!?  I absolutely love they way that they turned out!

Home Renovations Part I

We have been busy making improvements to our home.  Our house was built in 1977 so it has some room for some updating!  Lots was done when we moved in 4 years ago but there is still a long list of things that we would like to do.

Some of it is just paint like the kids rooms.  My mom made the kids both quilts and Isla’s especially screamed at the walls. Here is the before:





IMG_4485  IMG_4484


Drum roll please……………………………………………


 IMG_4552 IMG_4553 IMG_4554

We also painted the doors, closet doors and trim boards white.  They were a dark wood, and that has to be one of the best changes in the rooms, it really makes it look less like a 1970’s house.  The downside is that it takes days to paint them as they have to dry 12 hours in between coats and you can only do one side at a time.  Lots of painting to do in the rest of the house!

IMG_4558IMG_4555 IMG_4556

So I had bought a some special things for the kids rooms to personalize them a bit more.  I got Adam some Star Wars the Clone Wars stickers.



And poor Isla, I got here these mirrored hearts that apparently to heavy for the amount of sticky ratio.  We put them on and they started falling off, she couldn’t even sleep in her room that night because every time they fell off they would wake her up!  We have to try and get some sticky tack and see if that will help.

Gotta keep it real.  This was Adam’s room when I went upstairs just now to take a picture.




IMG_3123 Hockey has begun for another year.  Ed has decided to coach again and he is really looking forward to it.  They had their first practice on Saturday morning and it went really well.  He has a few kids that are not strong skaters and some that can not stop but that is where the reward comes in, by the end of the season they will have improved immensely!

Adam is glad to have his dad as the coach and he even listens to his dad which is good.  Probably better on the ice than off!

The picture is from last year when he got to skate with the Rebels!  So awesome!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dancing Star

Isla has started her new dance year, with tap and highland.  Wednesday is our dance night with tap class at 4:15 and then Highland at 5:00. 



She didn’t bother to get dressed again in between classes and just wore her boots.  Good look isn’t it!

She is doing really well in tap.  Here is a quick video from last week.  So super cute!

   Here she is at HIghland tonight.IMG00195-20101006-1704 IMG00194-20101006-1704


I was too far away for a good picture with my phone but you get the idea of how cute she is.


She even got to dance in front of the sword today!  So cool.

Adam is deep in to evaluations for hockey.  Ed is doing the evaluations so he will be spending a lot of time at the rink over the next few days.  I hope it all works out!  He is not even sure if he will get a team to coach as there are more coaches than teams.  I really hope that we get as good a team this year as we had last year!