Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look out for that kite!

Hope this makes you smile!


My mom and dad brought home some kites for the kids.  They were very anxious to try them out, they wanted to do it last night and then this morning they wanted to give them a try before school and dayhome.  So we didn’t even stop for a snack after school and out we went!  It was awesome, they worked perfectly!  In the past our kite flying has been frustrating and not very successful.  This time we even did it without the dad!  Although we were all missing him and the kids wanted to stay out there until he came home from work.  But we got cold and hungry before that happened.  (Sorry Ed!)

Here are a couple of pictures!  I took a video as well, that I am having trouble getting up here but I will try again.  It is worth the wait!  Hilarious!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mommy Day!

Have I told you how much I love Tuesdays?  Tuesdays are my day off from the office and Isla does not have school either.  That means that we get to spend the entire day just the two of us!  We both look forward to these days so much and always are talking about what we are going to do on our Mommy Day.  It usually involves errands, grocery shopping, house cleaning but we always manage to slip in some fun too. 

Today we started out taking Adam to school and then to the doctor.  Isla has been having some trouble with one of her ears and has had a couple of infections in it and the doctor wanted to make sure that there was no fluid staying in the ear.  When he looked in there it still did have fluid in it so now we are trying to get the Eustachian tube open by using a cortico nasal spray to open everything up in there.  We will go back in a few weeks to make sure that it drains.  If that does not work then we may have to get tubes again.

Then we came home and while I tidied and figured out what to make for supper.  Isla was on the computer, she loves it and has lots of sites that she likes to go on.  I am amazed how she gets around not being able to read, imagine where she will get to when she can.


Then I cleaned the van  and had lunch with Ed,  but then it was time to paint!

Who is she welcoming home?  My Mom and Dad!  Finally after three long months (for me!)  they are finally home.  They were over for an early supper before Isla and I were off to music.  It was great to seem them and we are looking forward to having the entire family home for Easter and to celebrate my brother and I’s birthdays.  Should be fun!

This time with Isla has one been of the best things about my new career!  I would have missed out getting to know her in such a special way.  She is an amazing little girl who I love with all of my heart!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Isla’s Acting Debut

On Friday at Isla’s school she got to be a part of play.  It is a great group that comes in to the school for a week and every grade got to do a little Robert Munsch story.  Of course the Pre-K group stole the show just ask any of their moms!  Unfortunately we forgot the camera. 

Isla got to go to a birthday party today by herself.  She went swimming and then for lunch.  That meant that Adam was going to be on his own with no sister.  What did he want to do with his mom?  He wanted to watch TV and play Wii!  We do that all the time lets do something fun.  So I dragged him for a bike ride, he is getting so good but he sure has to pedal a lot!  We were gone for about an hour and he was very tired by the time he got home!  He was rewarded with lunch out with his mom, guess where he picked!?!

Nothing like a Happy Meal to make a little dude happy!


PS. Where is Ed through all of this?  Friday I got to go out with my good friends to celebrate my birthday and last night we had two parties.  A 50th birthday party and a parent party for the hockey team.  I may have been a bit slow yesterday.  Today is Ed’s day to sleep in!  It doesn’t happen very often but when it does we remember why it doesn’t happen very often.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Adam’s debut as an Anthem Singer

Here is Adam’s first Anthem singing.  I thought he rocked!  He was nervous but didn’t seem like it once he got the microphone in his hand!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stage Rehearsal

Here is my little ballerina today at her stage rehearsal.  I can't wait to see what her costume is like, the recital isn't until June 4 & 5th but it is already getting exciting!  Excuse the quality of the picture it was with my phone.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hockey Wind-Up

We had the wind up for hockey yesterday.  It was at a school and they let us use the gyms there.  The big gym was full of boys playing hockey, badminton and basketball.  The little gym was full of girls on the climbing walls and throwing balls at the dads.IMG_3578

Somehow my son hung out with the girls!


Then there was pizza and pop and awards.  Ed got a new camping chair and then he gave out some fun awards to all of the kids. 

We had a great manager for our team who did a lot for the team.  It made our lives a lot easier.  She also made these little cakes for all of the kids.



Here is my son after! 



He had a fantastic time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night

Here we are on our Friday night.  We ate a huge dish of Nachos, easy supper for me to cook!  The boys are watching a live action Ben10 movie and Isla and I are going shopping for a birthday present for the birthday party tomorrow!

Poor Isla is suffering again with an ear infection.  She woke up in the middle of the night in pain, poor little thing.  She is on antibiotics again and the doctor wants to see her again to make sure that it is cleared up after the antibiotics are done.  If the fluid does not drain she could be given a course of cortisone to help drain it.  If that does not work then we are looking at another set of tubes in her ears.  Really not what we want to do!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hockey is over :(

Adam played his last game last night.  It happened to be on the same night as Isla has music but I knew that we could make it to see the second half.  As we went out the door I said to Adam, please don’t score until after I get there. 


He didn’t listen! 


So yes that is his fourth goal of the season and no I was not there for any of them. 


What is up with that?


We have a wind up for the kids on Sunday.  We are all feeling quite sad that it is all over.  We were very lucky that there were lots of little sisters for Isla to play with and all of the parents were really nice.  When Ed decided to take on this coaching role we were a bit worried about what it would be like with the parents.  We were so lucky!  And we will have many fond memories of this past year.  We are having a parent party on the 27th which should be fun!

Lots of Cupcakes!

Isla has started out young stretching out her birthday to as many celebrations as she can!  She started on Friday with cupcakes at her dayhome where they sang Happy Birthday.  We did our family birthday day on Saturday where we sang and had cupcakes at lunch and then went out for sundaes after supper.  Sunday was the big bowling birthday party that was loads of fun for everyone!  More cupcakes and singing.  Her celebrations didn’t end there, at school on Monday she got to wear a crown all day and had another round of cupcakes and singing!  Lucky girl!  I love that she felt so special! 



Here are some pictures of the bowlers, they had a hoot!  I loved everyone’s celebrations.  Adam got three spares in a row so he was really busting out the moves! There were lots of high fiving.  We only had one ball come backwards.  But we did have a couple of balls that had to be rescued as they stopped in the middle of the alley.  Who knew that could happen?!?  The bumpers on the side made it so that for the most part they always knocked at least one pin down.

This was a great way to have a party.  I brought the cupcakes and the loot bags.  They fed them and entertained them for two hours and we all walked out with a free bowling pass so that we can come back again.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Out for Supper & Dessert


Here we all are at the sushi restaurant.  It was sooo good and we all ate lots.  The kids just didn’t like the one with cream cheese in it.

Then off to Dairy Queen for some dessert.  What a great day the kids had so much fun and are now anxiously awaiting the bowling party.  Loot bags are ready and now we just have to ice the last few cupcakes and we are ready. 


The kids are getting the hair cut this afternoon.  I hope they do something nice with Isla’s hair for the party.  She has another party dress on today and loving it!  I think she would wear a dress everyday if she had the chance.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Isla’s 5th Birthday!


Can you believe that she is 5?  I can’t!  She is getting so big and she amazes me on a daily basis.  She got a new dress from Grandma and Grandpa Rowan doesn’t she look cute. 

The weather is cooler today but still so nice.  The kids have been itching to get on their bikes so we went for a short ride.  It took Adam a few tries to get going and he was a bit wobbly but it didn’t take long for him to remember how to ride a bike.  Isla still has her training wheels on but I don’t know how much longer that will last.  They have both grown so much that both of them need new bikes and helmets this spring.  Man kids are expensive!




Still snowy, especially in the shady areas!

When I asked Isla what she where she wanted to go for dinner for her birthday she chose Sushi!  So much fun!  The birthday party is tomorrow at the bowling alley.  We are all looking forward to that too.  I will post more pictures.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hockey Tournament


I prayed a lot that we would all be feeling good for the Hockey Tournament.  Who wants to be in a hotel room when they are sick and my prayers were answered.  It was lots of fun but I forgot what it was like to have all of us sleeping in the same room.  None of us slept very well on Friday night.  The kids had caught a nap in the van on the way up and they did not go to sleep until after 10 and we put them to bed about 8pm.  A lot of tossing and turning, going to the washroom and popping up and saying “what was that noise?” 

Saturday was lots of hockey and swimming and we were all extremely tired and slept really hard.  My brother and Ian came for a visit on Saturday, and it was great to see them.  Cameron looked after Ian all day, it was great to see them together like that!  I have never seen a 10 year old boy eat a plate of Nachos that big!  I was worried that they were going to start coming out of his nose but he managed to eat them all!  Amazing to watch.

On Sunday we got to see the rest of my sister’s family.  They were in a hockey tournament as well but came to watch Adam in the afternoon game.  Unfortunately it was very onesided for the other team.  Actually 3 out of the 4 games was very onesided for the other team.  Oh well, I know that when I asked Adam what his favourite part of the weekend was he will saying it was seeing Ian and Matthew and swimming.

Isla had a good time as well.  She started to really swim!  Even a 4 year old’s version of the front crawl.  I was really proud of her!

Isla’s birthday is right around the corner!  Got the cupcakes made now we just have to decorate. 

Long time

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have posted! We are all finally well here. It was a long haul.

Here are a couple of pictures from the gold medal hockey day. When Sidney scored that goal I am sure you could have heard us all across town. Although I am sure that we were not the only ones screaming. Adam and Isla don't have long enough attention spans to sit and watch the game so it was even better when Adam happened to actually be watching when he scored and had a the best reaction! It looked a lot like the above photo. Don't you love little boys with dirty faces. I do!