Monday, November 29, 2010

Still standing


Well they gave it a good try but the Saskatchewan Roughriders lost again this year to the Montreal Allouettes.  Ed was so sad last night, but not sad enough to open the whiskey bottle.  I wonder how long it will take before the Riders win the Grey Cup so Ed can open his whiskey.

We were all ready for the game!


We had supper at the coffee table, wings, quiches, meatballs and pop!  So much fun.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Festival Dancer!


Look at my girl!  She only started at the middle of September and I think that she is doing fantastic!  The ones without the teddy bears have been doing it for a couple of years and the teddy bear kids are new this year.  I think they totally stole the show!

Isla at Festival of Trees

We stayed for a bit afterward to have a look at the Festival of Trees.  It was fun but a bit abbreviated this year as we had to go to supper to see my aunt and uncle and my parents and then we hockey tickets that night.  We did the important things:

  1. Isla and Adam shop for us each year in the Santa Shoppe.  We give them some money and there are elves to help them shop and they come out with their gift for us all wrapped up.  A highlight of my Christmas each year!
  2. While the kids shopped I entered the raffles.  Every year I try to win a wreath or mini tree but no luck!
  3. Icing cookies, this year we didn’t do our own, I sent Ed to ice them so we could eat them today.  They are awesome ginger bread men that you ice and then dip them in sprinkles.  I look forward to them each year.
  4. Isla loves the craft corral, a bunch of crafts to make, she is in her glory!
  5. Spin the wheel, they get the prize that the wheel lands on
  6. We took a quick glance at the trees and then we were off.

This is the beginning of the Christmas season to me!  I am totally ready to start decorating, shopping and wrapping!

Seton Stars

Every month at our school they give out awards to the children that best exemplify the virtue of that month.  This month’s virtue was Wisdom and both of my kids were chosen.  Ask us how proud we were!


Isla didn’t know that she was getting the award but she thought that she probably was.  She asked me if she was going to get one and I got this stupid grin on my face.  I am not so good at keeping secrets like this, I get too excited.  You may want to play poker with me though, I think that I could be an easy mark!


Then it was Adam’s turn.  The school was dressed up today for career day.  Adam would like to be a police man when he grows up so we dressed him up the best we could.



I love these two!  So proud!



On our way home from Canmore we stopped at Bass Pro Shops for a tour around.  Isla really wanted to see the fish tank again and see all of the animals.  Santa happened to be there so we took advantage of the short line up.  They look so big!  How did this happen?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hockey Cards

Look who has his own Hockey Card.  If you ask him nice, he will autograph one for you.



Friday, November 26, 2010

Highland Dancer


My beautiful girl.  We had our pictures taken a few weeks ago and I got this kilt ready for her to get her pictures taken.  Ok, maybe my mom did, she hemmed the kilt, I just took it to the cleaners to get it pressed.  And she also made the blouse, I just put the buttons on her vest.  Well anyway, I think that she looks so awesome!  It sure brings back memories, this kilt, dance shoes, getting hair done, nervous energy.  I forgot how much I loved this!

Isla is so excited, tomorrow she gets to dance at the Festival of Trees.  She is going to have quite the entourage, Grandma and Grandpa, and our friends and us will all be there to watch her.  She is dancing with a Teddy Bear and gets to yell Merry Christmas.  She is thrilled!

Here is my group picture!  We are all having a great time dancing together and I may even be getting a bit fitter in the process.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Grandpa’s 65th

After the skate-arama we were off to my mom and dad’s for my Dad’s birthday.  My mom really wanted Dad to have 65 candles for his cake, we were worried that we would need a fire extinguisher.  But we got them lit.
There was quite a bit of heat coming off that cake!
And Grandpa needed help from everyone to get the candles blown out.
It was delicious!
After this party it was the hockey teams parent party.  I was worn out and just really wanted to get in to my pj's and have an early night.  I hadn’t looked too hard for a babysitter and it was a perfect excuse to stay home.  Ed went and had a great time! 


The next stop on Saturday was for the hockey team to get together to get their picture taken for sponsorship.  Yes, at 7 they have sponsors!  They are Dodge Caravan kids and got their picture taken in front of a Caravan.

Then this is after the skate-arama where a hot and sweaty little boy is eating his hot dog.  He did 100 laps and he was tired!


First Reconcilitation

We started out Saturday morning with a hockey game and then we went to church for Adam’s First Reconciliation.  He was very nervous but the priest that he went to talk to was Father Adam so that made it a bit easier. 



He is getting so grown up.  I bought that sweater last year but thought it was plenty big enough.  We just put his clothes in his hockey bag and he changed quickly after hockey to get to the church on time.  Ooops, the arms a looking a little short.  I gave them a really good pull when we were waiting our turn which helped a little.  The boy has taken a growth spurt and I am off this morning to get some pants for him.



Look at this mini-me picture.  I didn’t dress them but I did buy both sweaters last year.  I guess I was going through a stripe phase.


And this is what you do if you are the little sisters!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Skating with the Rebels

Adam gets to do really cool things!  Last Sunday he got to do a practice with the Rebels.  There were 6 Rebels on the ice with about 30 kids and Adam was so excited and had a great time!

 IMG_4706 IMG_4711

And here we are his biggest fans!


There he is getting roughed up a bit by one of the Rebels!



They all got these very cool jersey’s.  They were all the same which made it a bit hard to tell them apart, hee hee.


Then he got to have his jersey signed by the rest of the Rebels team.

IMG_4733IMG_4746 IMG_4734

Isla was so excited to see and get a hug from Wooly Bully.


Adam even got an autograph from Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, one day it may be worth some money.  He is an amazing hockey player!


Saturday, November 20, 2010


We all had a great time in Canmore, and we were sorry it was so short!  Ok well a bit glad to be going home too.  The condo we stayed in was a hotel room with a kitchenette and was beautiful with a fireplace and balcony with a bbq.  But, that is a small place for all 4 of us to sleep, it wouldn’t really matter if I wasn’t such a light sleeper but I am and I was happy to come home so we could all have our own beds again!

On the way home we stopped for a picnic and a walk around this little lake.  We had a great time throwing rocks, the lake had a thin layer of ice on it and the rocks skipped a long the top.  For me it was the perfect end to the trip.


IMG_4701 IMG_4692 IMG_4693 IMG_4694 IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4699

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To my Handsome Husband, hope your wishes all come true this year!





Getting ready for fall!



Cute faces.


Lots of fun!IMG_4675 



Tuesday, November 9, 2010



What a great time we had on our getaway!  The kids had a wonderful time with their grandparents and we felt like we were grownups.



We went out for a fabulous supper.  It took all evening and we completely and totally over indulged.  Fun! 


We tried to take our picture with the self timer but we kept cutting  off Ed’s head.  Oh well, you get the idea, all dressed up and we actually had someplace to go.

Look at our dessert!


Ed arranged everything with the head chef at the Rustica steak house at the Silvertip Golf course in Canmore.  Wow! It was an incredible meal and we had wine pairings with each course.  I even tried steak tartar, you know it wasn’t that bad but I just couldn’t get past the fact that it was raw.  Now Ed really wants me to learn how to make Creme Brulee.

The Girls



The girls had a play date last week, they got to put on these fancy nails.  Lots of fun and they looked so grown up, but they soon realized that they are not so much fun to play with them on.  Maybe 10 minutes they had them on, oh well, they had to try! 


Is it just me or are they starting to look 16ish?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 years!


We made it 10 years of wedded bliss!  In our wedding vows we promised to love each other today, tomorrow and forever.  And since that day we have signed all of our cards whether it is birthday or anniversary to each other“Today, Tomorrow and Forever”.  And today more than ever I want to say “Today, Tomorrow and Forever I choose you!”

We are off to Canmore for a couple of nights just the two of us.  We are really looking forward to it!  Mom and Dad are going to look after the kids for us, please say a little prayer for all of us that everything goes well.  As much as I am looking forward to going away with my husband I am still feeling some anxiety about leaving the kids. 

I am a catastrophiser, what not really a word, well let me give you a definition.  It is a person that takes an ordinary situation and imagines it in to the worst possible event.  An example, Ed is late getting home, well in my mind he has been in some terrible accident and I am a widow and I have to raise my children alone and right about that time he walks in the door complaining about traffic.  So you can just imagine what I am doing with being away from the kids for a couple of days.  I just need to breath!

Wish us luck!