Monday, April 26, 2010


Today at school I noticed a number of little boys walking out of the school with invitations in their hands.  My heart caught a little as I said a little prayer that Adam would be invited too.  He didn't say anything to me about it when I found him at his locker.  While he played outside I looked through his backpack to see if there was one in there but,  there wasn't.  As I sat on the bench and watched him play at the park while we waited for Isla to get there I was overcome with helplessness.  You know that feeling that he is going to be hurt and there is nothing that I can do.  I want him to have friends, be invited to birthday parties, to be happy, to feel like he belongs, to feel included and not alone.  I have no idea whose party it is and it really doesn't matter, I also know that you can not invite everyone to your party and I don't expect that he will get invited to all of them.  But...... I really wish that he never had to be disappointed or hurt.  What hard life lessons birthday party invitations are.  The funny thing is that he is oblivious to the anxiety I feel for him.  He may not even be bothered but for whatever reason I am having a moment?!?  What is wrong with me?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dance Pictures

Check out my little Ballerina at her dance pictures!IMG_3751

I know she looks about 25 with that makeup on!  She love putting it all on and feeling so special.


Her recital isn’t until June but she is ready!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Star among us

A star, a Seton Star to be exact.  Each month children at Adam’s school are given awards when they exemplify the quality of the month.  This month was Love and our little Adam got the award. 

He had no idea about the award, Ed and I got a call a few days ago and decided to let it be a surprise for him.  Ed ironed a shirt for him to wear so that he looked extra handsome today and then we walked across the field with him to the school in the morning and he said.  “Why are you guys coming to school?”

I said “We thought we would come to your assembly this morning.”

He looked at me and said “Weird!”

I thought he might catch on but he says he didn’t.  I love that he is celebrating on his way up to the front like he scored a goal in hockey! (Not that I have ever seen his celebration.)



We are so proud of this little guy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roller Twins

This past week we were very lucky.  Some good friends of ours had an extra pair of roller blades that they gave to us, they figured that they would probably fit Adam.  They did and he was thrilled with them, the flattest pavement we have close by is in the garage so that is where he tried them out.  But Isla is never left behind and had to give them a try as well.  Over the next couple of days they had to take turns in the garage and the learned to be able to take them off and on themselves.  But it is hard to have to take turns so they came up with a solution.  Here they are let me introduce to you the Roller Twins!


Here is an excerpt from the roller twins show!



Thank you, Thank you very much!




Well, we couldn’t have this going on all summer.  So we went on a hunt for roller blades for Isla.  And we were successful.  Now this is the scene in my doorway.


Who thought this was a good idea?

Growing Things

I love to garden!  Every year I do a little bit more in our yard and I love every minute of it.  I take after my mother, which is cool. 

I have been meaning to plant some bulbs but it hadn't happened until last fall.  I picked up some daffodils and tulips at Costco.  They were huge bags and I felt like a planted a lot and still had some leftover that I gave to my mom.  She was happy to get them and put them in to the ground. 

This spring I was anxious to watch them grow and have some spring flowers.  In my little bed by the garage I have them coming up nicely.

I know that I planted a bunch more, but do you think that I can remember where?  I am  a bit embarrased that I can't remember, it never occured to me in the fall that I should mark them, that my memory would fail me this way.  I have been watering and checking out all of my beds hoping for the appearance of the daffodils and tulips. 

This is the growth in the last couple of days.

When we were at my parents on Sunday for supper, we were checking out my mom's plants.  She said, "I know that I planted some bulbs this fall, but I can not remember where I planted them.  I really should have labeled them."

  It was comforting (I think) that both of us can't remember where we planted them!  I hope they make an appearance soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010


His nickname is Doodle.  Can you tell why?  It started out as Rock-a-Doodle but it has been shortened to just Doodle. 

Whenever he has a bath this is what we are greeted with in the morning!  Always a surprise and always crazy. 
And yes, his shirt is on backwards.  It is just too much work to switch it around so he often just leaves it.  And when it is pajama's, well, it just isn't worth the fight to make him.  But it feels like he does it on purpose, since he has s 50-50 chance to get in the right way but it seems the majority of the time he has it on backwards.  Silly boy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We started gymnastics yesterday!  For the past three years Adam has done soccer in the springtime and last year Isla tried it out as well.  It was a really cold year and very miserable weather!  Isla really had a bad time and spent most of the practice/games crying.  No fun for anyone!  So we decided she should try something new and we thought we would try gymnastics and when her brother heard about it he wanted to try as well!

Here is Isla with the pony tail and pink shirt.IMG00100-20100413-1152 IMG00099-20100413-1152She did really well for her first time and listened to her instructor and had a great time.  There were a couple of wild boys in the class that the instructor had to pay too much attention to though.  It was Isla’s first time doing all of the stations and could really have benefited from some instructions from the teacher!  I hope the next class goes better!

Adam also had his first class last night.

IMG00102-20100413-1740 IMG00101-20100413-1740He only had three boys in his class and his instructor was awesome!  I was really proud of Adam, I know I am the mom and I  think that my kids are wonderful  at what ever they do but Adam did exceptionally well last night.  He picked up on everything really quickly and was so strong.  Who knows maybe he is destined for the Olympics not in hockey but in gymnastics!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dance Party!

Today the kids went to a Birthday Party.  The theme was hockey, they got some hockey tattoos and a CD of a bunch of hockey songs.  So what else would we do with that but have a dance party!  I love all of their moves!  Excuse the floor it is Sunday and we are doing laundry!


Ed is going to love it when he sees this!  He may be dorky but we sure have fun!


Saturday, April 10, 2010


On Monday Ed and I were discussing what he should get me for my birthday, I had heard that the Bare Naked Ladies were coming in concert.  We love the Bare Naked Ladies and we saw them once before in concert and it was so much fun.  They have a great stage show and we have a bunch of their albums.  So Ed looked to see when they were coming and they were going to be in Calgary on my birthday.  A quick call to my mom and dad to see if they would keep the kids overnight and Ed booked us some tickets.

On Thursday afternoon we left for the concert with what we thought were wind warnings.  I had put on a pair of white pants and wore sandals.  This is what we drove through!

This is what we are driving through!  Just about there though.


At this point we started to think about maybe staying the night in Calgary but the forecast said the snow was going to stop by 8pm and I thought we could drive home after the concert. 

Off to supper we went to the Red Lobster.  We had seen a few of their commercials and both Ed and I had commented on how good it all looked.  And it was good, but maybe not quite as good as the commercials make you think it should be.  The waitress said to me, “It wasn’t snowing when you put those shoes on was it!”  While we ate supper it was really snowing and blowing and we decided that we should go and buy a toothbrush in case we did have to stay overnight.  It was feeling like a bit of an adventure already!

When we arrived at the concert we called mom and dad to check in and to say were thinking that we would stay over night.  Mom said it was a full blizzard there and we should not even think about coming home.  I guess our decision was made.

The concert was awesome.  We had no idea where are seats were and we ended up being 8 rows from the front of the stage!  Incredible seats!  We could see them all so well what a great experience!

We had a bit of a hiccup when leaving the concert and got a bit turned around.  Don’t ask, it was one of those marriage moments that nobody needs to hear about. We finally found a hotel checked in to the hotel with no luggage, a first for me, and it was fun! 

Thank goodness that the kids were already staying the night with my mom and dad, it made us staying overnight a lot easier!  They had shut down the highway a different times and there was a 50 car pile up near Olds.  When we came home the roads were clear and mostly dry.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lucky Little Girl


When my mom and dad got back from Yuma, AZ we were all very excited to see them.  Especially Isla!  She has been waiting a long time (for a now 5 year old!) for her quilt to be done.  My mom has made one for all of her grandkids now and the one below is Isla’s.  Isn’t it beautiful!  I love it and so does she. 


But as you can see from the green walls, we need to do a little bit of room redo to really show off this fabulous quilt.  At the moment the green walls are really screaming.  So stay tuned.


Isla got a new dress on the weekend from her Aunty Wenda.  She loves dresses.  As soon as she got it she had to try it on and wore it for the rest of the day on Sunday.  And again yesterday she needed to wear it.  She told me “Mom, I just love this dress!”.


It is so much fun to have  a girly girl, who also knows how to run hard and play hard.  Today she is dressed to play hard, and she did, the kids hung out for the day with their best friends so I could go to work.  Thank goodness for good friends!


She played hard!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had a great Easter.  Lots of chocolate, check out our Easter egg hunting!

We went to church at 9:00am since the Easter egg hunt began at 7:00am.  Then home to get ready for the company.  We had my entire family for supper on Sunday night.  It was a ton of fun to see everyone and have a few good laughs.  We didn’t see the kids the entire day except to feed them.  I have to chase them down for some hugs and kisses!  Whatever they were doing involved rolling around in the grass which they brought in on their clothes and in their hair!  Too funny.  We also got out to fly the kites again and it was hilarious, the kids were all playing in the playground while my dad, my husband, my brother and my brother in law were the ones flying the kites.  I think that had a fabulous time being kids for a while!

It is my brother’s birthday today and then mine a bit later this week so we celebrated with cake and gifts as well.  My brother is a stinker!



He wouldn’t let me blow out the candles!


Ok, he left one for me to make my wish on!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Eggs

We coloured eggs today.  Mom and Dad and my brother Cameron came over to help us out.  (And to cut a branch off of one of the trees in the back yard).  The kids had a great time mixing colours and breaking eggs! 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yard Clean Up and Isla’s First Shiner

The weather here is definitely feeling like spring and when that time comes around we always seem to find ourselves in our back yard.  It has come a long way from when we moved in to where it is now!  And there is always lots more to do!  Here is a before and after picture of the yard.




Yes there are a couple of superheroes in our back yard, it was Adam’s 6the birthday party.


Here we are cleaning up in the back yard and having fun!  Adam took a spill in to the mud because, well, because he is a boy!

And my poor little girl has gotten her first shiner!  She was trying out the monkey bars at school and there were some that moved, her hand slipped off of it and it came back to hit her in the eyebrow.  It was bound to happen and why not when she gets to wear an Easter dress and get her picture taken?!?


IMG_3679 IMG_3680